First judo training with baby Lucka

First month is behind us. I clothed Lucka baby kimono and then we trained. We trained cool face and battle cry ;-)

Bodlinka - my modifi curler unit

I design my kusudama unit. I hybridizated Krystyna Burczyk 'Twirls' and Lukasheva Ekaterina 'Fish curlers'. These parents had a baby. I named him Bodlinka.
I thing, my new design is easier then Fish curler and more elegant than Twirl.

Diagram for my design. The base isn't square but rhombus. Then we can make some traditional fulleren.

New spiny curler

Make spiny curler from square use much paper. I tried it make curler from rhombus. Fold it from rhombus is easier than from squares, but cut rhombus is more difficult than squares. Next time I'll try use colour paper, maybe I'll paint myself.

paper: 30 pcs rhombus (70°) 40 x 40 mm
model: Ø60 mm

paper: 30 pcs rhombus (60°) 35 x 35 mm
model: Ø55 mm