Add diameter symbols to dimensions

Few years ago I wrote a macro for add diameter symbol to dimensions. I have button with macro for write or erase diameter. Only select dimensuion and push macro button. Here is the code.

Public Sub PrumerPredKotu()

If Not ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.DocumentType = kDrawingDocumentObject Then
 MsgBox "Funkci lze použít jen ve výkrese."
 Exit Sub
End If

Dim oDrgDoc As DrawingDocument
Set oDrgDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
Dim AList As Sheet
Set AList = oDrgDoc.ActiveSheet

If oDrgDoc.SelectSet.Count < 1 Then
 MsgBox "Musí být vybána kóta"
 Exit Sub
End If

Dim i As Long
Dim counter As Long
counter = 1
Dim VybranaKota As DrawingDimension

For Each VybranaKota In oDrgDoc.SelectSet

If VybranaKota.Tolerance.ToleranceType = kReferenceTolerance Then
 VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText = "(" & ChrW(216) & VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText & ")"


If Left(VybranaKota.Text.Text, 1) = ChrW(216) Then

VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText = Mid(VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText, 2, Len(VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText) - 1)

ElseIf Left(VybranaKota.Text.Text, 1) = "(" And Mid(VybranaKota.Text.Text, 2, 1) = ChrW(216)   Then

VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText = "(" & Mid(VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText, 3, Len(VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText) - 3) & ")"

ElseIf Left(VybranaKota.Text.Text, 1) = "(" Then

VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText = "(" & ChrW(216) & Mid(VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText, 2, Len(VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText) - 2) & ")"


VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText = ChrW(216) & VybranaKota.Text.FormattedText

End If

End If
counter = counter + 1


End Sub

Last day at work

Last day at work before christmas we made a group photo. Next year we will make a little change at team. This was our team in year 2015.

Collage - Life underwater

Colour rays with magnet on the magnet board. Next time I'll give a magnet to more creature and will make a battle.

paper: 80 x 80 mm
ray design: Toshikazu Kawasaki

My works on IOIO 2015 - V International Origami Internet Olympiad

paper: 350 x 350 mm
model: 90 x 95 x 110
design: Juston Hairgrove

Miranda star sonobe
paper: 150 x 150 mm
model: Ø 200 mm
design: Uniya Filonova
Miranda star sonobe

paper: 609 x 609 mm
model: 200 x 370 mm
design: Yasushi Miyashita

paper: 300 x 300 mm
model: 120 x 120 mm
design: Nathan Zimet

Feast ot the king
paper: 600 x 600 mm
model: 200 x 300 mm
design: Sebastien Limet
Feast ot the king

In the frame
paper: 600 x 600 mm
model: 210 x 220 mm
design: Andrey Ermakov
In the frame

Heart with butterfly
paper: 200 x 200 mm
model: 100 x 90 mm
design: Andrey Lukyanov
Heart with butterfly

Krotitel Nestvúr - Tamer creatures

Finally I made bigger dragon rider. He looks like Nazgul, may be.  Now he is made from black paper 1400 x 1400 mm and dragon is 400 mm long. Base of this model is dragon rider which design Fenrir.


How do you collect apples you? :D

New tree will be cherry tree.

Apple juice

With my brother in law we make our own apple juice. It was fresh and delicious.

CADforum 2015

presentation of modeling

car for disabled people

competition of modeling
I am Inventor guru 8)

More photos at

Mobility week

Our judo team trained on the street with children from kindergardens.

Video and more photos at newspaper Valašského deníku.

Pavučina snú - Web of dreams

This is a test of waterproof paper. Next I used paper with softly colour transitions.

paper: 100 x 100 mm, 30 pcs
model: ~ Ø110 mm
spider's flower design: Lukasheva Ekaterina

Lego at Inventor

For my training new version of Autodesk Inventor I made Lego ipart. This one part have four variants of shape and many dimension. First time I made chapel.

Mass units in iLogic

My variation of way to get a mass to a drawing. This macro for iLogic solve the problem of different units "kg" and "g". May by next time I add libra unit. I used this because this way solve mass only before save model, not with every change.

Select Case ThisDoc.Document.UnitsOfMeasure.Massunits
    Case 11283  'kilogram
        If iProperties.Mass > 0.1 Then 
            iProperties.Value("Custom", "Hmotnost") = Round(iProperties.Mass,2) & " kg"
            iProperties.Value("Custom", "Hmotnost") = Round(iProperties.Mass * 1000) & " g"
        End If
    Case 11284  'gram
        If iProperties.Mass > 100 Then 
            iProperties.Value("Custom", "Hmotnost") = Round(iProperties.Mass / 1000,2) & " kg"
            iProperties.Value("Custom", "Hmotnost") = Round(iProperties.Mass) & " g"
        End If
End Select

Noční hvězda - Night star

I made some change on chrysanthemum globe by Tomoko Fuse. Here is my variation, it is more spiny. I must use more colorful paper next time.

paper: 60 pcs; 40 mm x 80 mm
model: Ø 110 mm


Magie z džungle - Magic from jungle

Some spring entithe

model: Ø 110 mm
design: Mio Tsugawa

Paper Flower

Wedding Origami Paper Flower for my wife last august.

Pomerange cepheid

Orange cepheid kusudama. This is bigger than last one.

paper: 50 mm x 150 mm, 70 g/m²
model: Ø160 mm
designer: Natalia Romanenko


I folded kusudama, new for me. It is smaller then original, because it is only test fold. Now I am making on bigger and nicer model.Info about this model is on designer's web.

paper: 50 mm x 150 mm, 70 g/m²
designer: Natalia Romanenko

Dragon rider

I would like to fold dragon rider. Now I try fold a model which design Guspath GO. I'm testing it from normal white paper. Next time I'll make it colourfull.

paper: 1220mm x 1220mm, 90g/m­²
model: 310mm long
design: Guspath GO