I got it. I have a judo black belt, YES. It was hard, but possible. I sweated a river of sweat.

Black belt exam

In the morning, we went to the short trip to the near forest.

After breakfest, we trained with katana at the tatami.

I got it! I celebrated black belt. Super :-)

Small marbles again

New colours
wood, ice-cream, flower, cloud, hayfield

All together

Big Sphere

I spent much time to make this thing.

270 pieces
4 colours

The Matrix

At friday was experiences game in Vsetin city. I was agent Smith. I had six other agents to help me. Agent's mission is make harder playing for player. Player's mission is get Neo out of Matrix. The game organize Centrum Archa.

I'm Smith

Defence culture house.

Smith vs Morpheus

Team of agents

Links: Centrum Archa and Photoalbum Matrix