Solstice holiday

paper: 450x450mm
design: Marc Kirschenbaum

My Xmas baking

This is my production ;-)

Around the Liptál

With my girlfriend we traveled around her village. It was way about twenty kilometers long. Winter came and rime was everywhere. But afternoon weather was like at spring.

Autumnal trip to Jabloňová

This beautiful sunday I'm going to hill Jabloňová. It's warm day, sky without clouds. A trees are begining change colours.


With my colleagues we were at Powtrech. It is big expo at Nuremberg in Germany. There were many companies and they presented their products about milling, pressing and sieving - everything about powders.

German food was delicate



During our travel to Nuremberg, we visited Tachov. It is peaceful town with tasty beer.

At this pub we had beer

Tachov mansion

Roof work

We painted a roof at our camp. It was necesary for good health the roof.


Because I bought new furniture, I have to prepare collection of bird. Here are some new models.

Trip to Baťková

On Sunday me and Pavlína went to Baťková. It is hill five kilometers far. It is nice walk on sunday morning. We brought salt into feeding-rack and ate some blackberries. Perfect start of day.

Dad of my girlfriend have this feeding-rack.

Some pieces was ripe.

Beautiful home scenery.


Uncle of my girlfriend made a celebration. He renovate his little house. There was roast sucking pig. It was delicate.

New livingroom

I have furniture in my living room. Finally I have equivalent place for my origami. It was moil, but it is done. At near future I must prepare a celebration for friends.

Trip to Dan's cottage

Last saturday in august was very nice weather. We used to made some meeting and a little work at Dan's cottage. We were chopping wood and digging a pit. After work we barbecue big chicken, tastes dinner.

It looks like kindergarten :D

Profi barbecue :)


One of my colleagues is celebrating her birthday. She made very big celebration in Kuku Bar. We finished there in the morning next day. It was very good birthday's celebration.