Bodlinka - my modifi curler unit

I design my kusudama unit. I hybridizated Krystyna Burczyk 'Twirls' and Lukasheva Ekaterina 'Fish curlers'. These parents had a baby. I named him Bodlinka.
I thing, my new design is easier then Fish curler and more elegant than Twirl.

Diagram for my design. The base isn't square but rhombus. Then we can make some traditional fulleren.


Unknown said...

I've designed rhombus Twirl in 2010. It was shown in 2012 at "Folding paper" exhibition in Los Angeles
I think, I used not exactly 60 degrees rhombus, but this was this idea.
Greetings from Poland
Krystyna Burczyk

Charles said...

Hi Krystyna,
I never see your rhombus Twirl, I apologize. I had only your book from 2004.
Thanks for your visit.