Travel to Cáb

With my darling we went to Cáb. It is about 16km long way from my house. Weather was perfect. It is only uphill and we had a hard time. We had a perfect trip for sunday sunny day.

Training of referee

At saturday I traveled to training of judo referee. We would like upgrade our knowledge at judo match. There were some friends and atmosphere was nice. We meet a few new referees, we will need them for our cup in october.

Learning a Rose cranes

I have learned a rose crane. I have made squadron ;-)

Prague - Praga

I was at Prague and I have bought new papers. In Prague there is a special shop for arts - Zlatá loď. When I came home at sunday, there I had a pack with papers from Now I have many diferent papers. It was perfect weekend :-)

Prague - Chocolate museum

I was at Prague in the chocolate museum. It was sweet. There are a chocolate paintings. Ofcourse there make the chocolate and we could taste it.

We could paint.

Chocolate underwear


book: Issei's Super Complex Origami
by: Issei Yoshino

Trip with parents

We made a trip with our judo children and their parents. We traveled to campground. There we will have summer judo camp.

We played footbal.

Made a sausage.

And we made a fun.