Money for wedding

I made four flowers for friend to wedding. The flowers was made from one thousand czech crown each flower. The flowers took big success.

Money flowers

My works on IOIO 2016 - VI International Origami Internet Olympiad

  Peter Stein

Samurai Helmet
Marcelo Ar ispe-Guzman

Beth Johnson

Shore Crab
Pham Hoang Tuan

Sergey Yar tsev

Hear t With A Swan
Andrey Lukyanov

Evangeline Kusudama
Xander Perrott

More info about olympiad is in

I am animator

This is my first animation which I made. I used only Inventor 2017.

DDS Reflection File

I made some texture for reflectin in Autodeks Inventor 2017. In last version it was only .bmp renamed to .dds. But in version 2017 it is harder. The texture is cubic and for made texture like this it is need special softvare. I used DirectX Texture Tool which is one component of  Microsoft® DirectX® Software Development Kit. Some information is on Autodesk support.
My new textures is erotic - download zip

Garden gazebo - Zahradní altán

Finally I done it. My garden gazebo is finished. It was more work than I hypothesized, but I made it.

Here is model and blueprint for free. ;)

Lesní víla - Forest fairy

original name: Flying dancer
paper: 150 x 150 mm ; 120 g/m
model: 100 x 100 mm
design: Riccardo Foschi

MSV Brno

At China hall I tested new ATV.
And I got offer for new job. We will see.

CAD Forum 2016

At Wednesday I was at Cad forum in Brno. It was big action for Autodesk Inventor users from Czech Republic.There were many presentations and workshops. There were two contests. I get second position of both contests. I am Inventor Guru.

Judo children camp

I was a leader at judo children camp. With children we did some hambo jitsu for variegate. Here is one beautiful photo.

Evil flying heart

paper: 300 x 300 mm 90 g/m²
model: 210 mm

Evil flying heart - test fold

I folded new flying heart. It is very nice. When I'll make it from better paper, I show it.

paper: 210 x 210 mm 70 g/m²
model: 140 x 140
design: 平


My first step for bracelet

I would like to fold bracelet like this:


Many cone holes in ground at my garden. Some knowledges about antlion are at wikipedia.

One picture from children book Ferda mravenec

Window decoration

My colour decoration near window in my office. When I'll have butterflies at full window I'll make better photos. Butterflies were made from paper 90 x 90 mm, but I don't know designer these butterflies.

Again after eight years

Five inserted tetrahedrons

paper: 90 x 30 mm 70 g/m²
model: ~ Ø 100 mm 
design: Tom Hull

Swing for two children

My another a wood work for kids.
Because kids argue over a swing very often, now they can swing both together.


In real

Judo Wedding

One wet friday thirteenth was big celebration. My friend had a wedding. She was beautiful at wedding dress, but for photo of judo club team she dressed black judo kimono. It was funny.

Wood-work - kids gardem furniture

For my children I made a garden furniture.
The benches are made from old apple tree. The table is made from spruce tree stump. The stump is upside down. It isn't perfect but super is enough.

New color variation of Rosalie

Ohnivá rúže - Flame rosa
paper: 120 x 60 mm, 65 g/m²
model: ~ Ø115 mm
rosalie design: Natalia Romanenko

Mrazivé rúže - Ice rose
paper: 100 x 50 mm, 120 g/m²
model: ~ Ø90 mm