Hvězda krve - Star of blood

This kusudama I made three times. It time to give a name Devil flower, because the flower have horns like devil.

paper: 60 pcs; 52 mm x 105 mm
model: Ø 130 mm
design: my change on chrysanthenum globe by Tomoko Fuse


A some summer photos from meadow in my country. 

Elves for cleanup

I made a few elves for my cabinet. Those elves can walk on the wall. I hope, they will clean up my cabinet.

paper: 90 x 90 mm, 80 g/m²
model: 65 mm
design: Claudio Acuña J.

Hvězda lásky - Star of love

paper: 60 pcs; 40 mm x 80 mm
model: Ø 110 mm
design: my change on chrysanthemum globe by Tomoko Fuse

Vietnam wish card

My colleague bring me a gift card from Vietnam. It is amazing pop up ship. Very nice work.

Presenting of my folds

The photo of my folds in a display cabinet in an administrative building.