My works on IOIO 2014 - IV International Origami Internet Olympiad

paper: 400 x 400 mm, 25 g/m²+Al-foil
design: Andrey Ermakov

paper: 200 x 200 mm, 70 g/m²
design: Sergey Yartsev

Heart in heart
paper: 200 x 200 mm
design: Andrey Lukyanov
Heart in heart

Evil smile robot
paper: 80 x 80 mm
design: me - Charles
Evil smile robot

Stiletto star
paper: 70 x 70 mm, 50 g/m², 30 pcs
design: Maria Sinayska
Stiletto star

Children judo tournament in Olomouc

On sunday, I was at Olomouc on judo tournament for children. I was there with a three of my children from our judo club. They got two bronze and one gold medal.


Presents Bodlinka

My collection of presents Bodlinka:

Swan - my design

paper: money 1 000 CZK and 2 000 CZK
money: my money :D - 5000 CZK
design: Charles - me
photo: me

Testing day

Today I tested some new creature.

First is Dragon rider which design Guspath GO. I found his model on the internet and I tried it fold.

Second is Fiery dragon which design Kade Chan. I made more war update on his model. Dragon is more dangerous now.

Colours tanks battle

With my friend we made a desktop tanks game.  We played a few days. At the end leaving only one tank.

One photo from battle of our tanks.
  • Left site tanks design Charles Esseltine.
  • The black tank with two guns is my design.
  • The right site tanks in foreground designer I don't know.

Lucka - 13 mouth

My baby Lucka posed like a model. We tested new girl's kimono. She looks so sweet.

Ohňostrújce - Fireworker

I made a new dragon. The original made Kade Chan, it is his Fiery Dragon ver.2. I modified tail a little.

paper: Washi deluxe, 400 x 400 mm
model: 140 x 95 mm

Folded money

I made beautiful some money for friend to wedding. Flowers from money, look beautiful.

Bodlinka něhy - tenderness

paper: 30 pcs rhombus (70°) 35 x 35 mm
model: Ø60 mm
design: Charles (me)

I tested new characters

design: Mario Adrados Netto
paper: 300 x 300 mm

Anime Character
design: Vinh Truong
paper: 300 x 300 mm
model: 135 mm

Krucánek Štítový - Shielded Curler

I have my new kusudamas. I have played with curler and here is result.

Krucánek Štítový - Shielded Curler
paper: 12 pcs 43 x 85 mm
model: Ø48 mm
design: my design - Charles
connect without glue
Krucánek Štítový - Shielded Curler

Bodlinka štítová - Shielded spine
paper: 12 pcs 75 x 85 mm
model: Ø62 mm
design: my design - Charles
connect without glue
Bodlinka štítová - Shielded spine