Creatures of the june

Spring Pegasus

Little rat

Millipede - it have 86 legs


Isabella Kida said...


Sandra said...


Really beautifull folds. That miliped is very interesting.

Pαola Victória said...

Thank you for your compliment.
His origami is wonderful.


Isa Klein said...


I just received these wonderful papers! I loved it! They are so beautiful! And silver! I loved it! More so because today I am a little sad, and receive this care was very good!
I'm thinking of folds pretty well for them!
And the mail stamp are very beautiful too! :)
My laptop was formatted, I no longer have your e-mail.
Thank you very much!
kiss in the heart

Isa Klein said...

I am very happy!

Isa Klein said...

One more thing: my birthday is May, 02! ;)

Charles said...

Thanks everybody for your commentaries :-)

Isa, you are welcome :-* I look forward to your photo of your new beautiful things.
Kiss in the heart, Charles :-*