Arabesque - modular origami / kusudama

Lehce šedá, ale spíše bílá verze.

Růžová koule - polotovar pro zavěšení.

Dekorace pro zavěšení aj s modrou třásničkou :-)

Uvnitř je zavěšen zelený jeřáb. Jen jde špatně vidět.


Márcia Shintate said...

I think your blog is charming and glamourous. I'm giving you a stamp, it's in my blog, just put it on your blog, if you want. All the best for you.

Charles said...

Thank you Marcia, it is nice :-)

Bela said...

Hi Charles! Thanks for stopping by... !
Your blog is so so nice!! I love it!
I have all diagrams of the origamis I made. If you want anyone, just ask! It is always a pleasure to help and to make origami-friends!
Best wishes!

Sandra said...

Hi Charles!

I'm very glad you liked the flowers! They are really beautiful, I just added the leaves and the stems. Isa Klein (from the blog Diagramas & Cia) holds credit for these ones! All others were folded by me.

I really liked your kusudamas! You are very talented. I'm adding you to my favorite blogs, OK?

I hope language isn't a barrier. I speak several languages, but unfortunatly not yours. If you have any questions, fell free to ask!

Best regards,


Aeris said...

Hey, thanks for the visit! ^^ So you´ve folded some arabesques too! They´re so cute, aren´t they? =) I´m gonna add you to my blogs list! ^^

Aeris said...

There is an award for you in our blog! ^^ The rules are:
1- show the award in your blog
2- post the link for the blog that indicated you
3- post the rules
4- choose other 10 blogs to receive the award
5- tell them all about it! ^^

(Btw, it´s an award for friedndship and information! ^^)